Private medical house calls


Your doctor specializing in holistic pain therapy, naturopathic treatment and nutritional medicine in the city of Frankfurt am Main



Dear patients,

I am very glad that you are visiting my homepage.

The drive to the doctor’s practice and the long waiting in the waiting room cost the patient a lot of time and energy. As a private doctor specializing in holistic pain therapy, naturopathic treatment, and nutritional medicine, I offer my patients HOUSE CALLS (at home, in their office, or hotel) in the city of Frankfurt am Main. 

House calls fulfill an important purpose. The doctor can get to know the patients’ environment and learn how they handle daily life. The doctor can also get to know the family or the contact person and might find so called “obstacles,” which the patients themselves might not notice. Furthermore, it’s important for patients in retirement homes, nursing homes, or hospices to get in touch with all responsible nursing staff.
If you or one of your relatives would like me to visit you, don’t hesitate to contact me! In order to plan my visits and to evaluate the urgency accordingly, I would like you to inform me in advance about the reason or the underlying illness.

 Yours sincerely, Afshin Seresti

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