Progressive muscle relaxation

(PMR) (Jacobson’s relaxation technique)



Progressive muscle relaxation

The progressive muscle relaxation (PMR), also known as Jacobson’s relaxation technique, is a simple and body-oriented way to learn relaxation. The principle here is to stress single muscle groups progressively and deliberately so the muscles become more conscious about the relaxation state afterwards.  If you learn and master this progressive muscle relaxation, you can use it everywhere and you can relax again quickly when you feel that your stress level increasing.

PMR can help with:

  • Muscular tensions in the entire musculoskeletal system (back pain),

  • Stress, sleeping disturbance, insomnia,

  • Migraines

  • Concentration and anxiety disorders

  • Furthermore, progressive muscle relaxation has a preventive effect for various diseases.

(PMR) Jacobson’s relaxation technique

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