Holistic pain therapy

 An optimal individual holistic pain therapy always is integrative




Acute pain

Many people suffer extreme pain. Severe pain dramatically limits quality of life. Yet not every pain is the same. Pain usually appears suddenly, which we refer to as acute pain. The reason for acute pain often is the result of an injury or an illness and, after healing up, simply disappears.


With the gentle treatment of naturopathic treatment, neural therapy and manual therapy, rapid pain relief and healing can often be achieved. 

Dr. Med. Afshin Seresti

Chronic pain

In contrast to acute pain, chronic pain always lasts longer and comes back again, usually severely impacting the patient’s quality of life.  Chronic pain is due to a variety of reasons, which again are dependent on various factors. It is, however, possible to help almost everyone with holistic pain therapy. The main reason for chronic pain usually comes from a postural disorder or an imbalance in the muscles and fibers which needs to be relieved.  A specific treatment plan will be developed for each patient. Alternative healthcare treatment complements biomedical treatment, especially in offering the patient support in coping with daily life.

Holistic pain therapy requires a lot of time. In the beginning, you will have to answer several questions (the patient’s medical history), sometimes with the help of a questionnaire. After a comprehensive pain analysis, further special examinations might follow to start treatment.

Your cooperation is of great importance.  Please have your previous medical history available for me to review during the first house call. If you or one of your relatives would like me to visit you, call me at +49 (0)69 XXXXXXX or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In order to plan the visits better and to evaluate the urgency accordingly, please inform me about the following:

1. For how long have you suffered from pain and how does the pain feel?  
2. What have you done to treat the pain yourself?

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